How Bianca Censori went from Kardashian-like childhood to Kanye’s n.a.k.ed muse… & what THOSE pics reveal about marriage

How Bianca Censori went from Kardashian-like childhood to Kanye’s n.a.k.ed muse… & what THOSE pics reveal about marriage

RUMOURED newlyweds Kanye West and Bianca Censori have been the talk of Venice with their showstopping antics and outrageous outfits.

Australian architect Bianca, 28, has outraged locals by wearing near naked sheer bodysuits, with her nipples clearly visible, while Kanye has gone barefoot in the street and bared his bum on a river taxi.

Bianca has turned many a head in Venice

Bianca has turned many a head in VeniceCredit: BackGrid

The couple are thought to have wed in January

The couple are thought to have wed in JanuaryCredit: Getty
Worried fans have branded some images “disturbing”, speculating the Yeezy designer has restyled Bianca and is controlling what she wears, like he did with lookalike ex-wife Kim Kardashian and former girlfriend Julia Fox.

Body language expert Judi James says there are signs of love in their attention seeking stunts, but suspects Kanye may be up to his old “makeover to take-over” tricks.

“The man has history when it comes to dress-up domination, which ex Kim described tactfully as his ‘love language, it’s clothes’,” she tells The Sun.

“But if clothes are his ‘language’, what is he saying by dressing his new ‘wife’ Bianca in these sheer nude body suits and parading her in public?

“It’s not unusual for fame plus an inflated ego to drive the belief that, when one relationship fails, you can try to rebuild it with someone similar and (hopefully) more compliant.

“All the controversial posturing and styling could be some kind of ‘revenge-dress’ statement to his ex Kim, messaging that he’s found a woman who will go further; act more loving and dress more daring than she ever did.

“He is certainly testing the parameters of taste and an ability to shock, but is Bianca the power-partner Yoko to his John or merely his compliant dress-up doll?”


The rapper shows off his new wife

The rapper shows off his new wifeCredit: Instagram/ ARKANGEL

The couple have a 'shared joke'

The couple have a ‘shared joke’Credit: Instagram/ ARKANGEL
While their antics in Venice have seemingly been deliberately provocative, Judi says there appears to be a genuine togetherness – even while Kanye’s showing off his “trophy” wife.

“On a good day the couple’s body language hints at some sort of a plan or shared joke as they work to shock the world and get headlines,” she says.

“They appear to be well choreographed. Kanye has his alpha rapper look with his legs splayed, his chin up and his signature superior mouth-pout as he shows Bianca’s back view off like the ultimate power trophy.

“His hands are around her waist but he avoids any sexual groping, making her look suitably adoring while her body is shown off in the sheer bodysuit.”

But Judi hints all might not be totally as it seems, adding: “When they break the pose, they switch moods totally, giving a hint that they were just acting for the camera.

“Kanye is laughing, keeping his eyes down and his shoulders more slumped to suggest lowered status and power posturing and Bianca steps down behind him with a twinned facial expression.

“The softening of their facial features here suggests mutual love, plus a sense of fun or glee at the look they have just performed for the camera.”

Power dynamic

Bianca in 'protective' mode

Bianca in ‘protective’ modeCredit: Yeezy Mafia/Instagram/@angelinacensori

Relaxed Kanye is 'smitten'

Relaxed Kanye is ‘smitten’Credit: BackGrid
Another picture, with Bianca once again flaunting her figure in a red bodysuit, reveals more about the power dynamic in the couple.

“Their pose together suggests a more mutual sense of power and emotion-sharing,” says Judi.

“She sits slightly in front of him, dominating the pose and communicating non-verbally with the camera with her eyes and smiles as she leans towards Kanye, looking confident and almost protective.

“He sits slumped and passive, with his face covered and his hands between his legs covering his crotch area in a more defensive gesture.”

In a more relaxed moment, as they shared a meal in Santa Monica in May, the rapper’s adoration was more obvious.

“Kanye’s wide, un-cool grin as he looked at Bianca seemed to signal that he is smitten,” says Judi.

“He looks totally in awe of and in love with Bianca.”

Turning point

The most recent snap shows a change of mood

The most recent snap shows a change of moodCredit: BackGrid
But Judi says the pictures of Kanye, 46,  flashing his bum, while bending over on a water taxi, seems to mark a turning point in their antics.

“Their body language seems to have run off the rails,” she says.

“The nude body suits would be a shocking fashion statement on a red carpet but the couple have been walking in the streets and getting drinks from a vending machine, suggesting he likes to see his wife dressed nearly nude in public.”

But she says pics of Kanye’s bottom may have sparked a change in the couple’s attire.

“The bum-baring appearance might have been the last straw though,” adds Judi. “Suddenly the look has flipped again in their more sombre-looking outing.

“Bianca seems to be leading Kanye with their hands clasped, but now she’s wearing a very tailored, smart, buttoned-up grey coat.

“The rather smug smiles have dropped and Bianca has an expressionless poker face, looking down with her eyes to avoid sharing her mood or her feelings.

“Kanye is totally wrapped and covered and he has also lost the kind of swagger that he had previously.”

Secret marriage

Bianca has a masters in architecture

Bianca has a masters in architectureCredit: Facebook

She recently told a TikTok user she was married

She recently told a TikTok user she was marriedCredit: TikTok/gratefulboynuee
Bianca, an Australian architect and entrepreneur with a masters from the University of Melbourne, has worked for the rapper’s company, Yeezy, as Head of Architecture since 2020, after he allegedly slid into her DMs.

While it’s not known when they began dating, Kanye was seen wearing a wedding band when sharing lunch with his new love in Beverly Hills on January 9.

Days later TMZ reported the pair exchanged vows at a private wedding-like ceremony, although they didn’t file any legal marriage documents.

The deeply religious rapper also released a song called Censori Overload  last month, which began, “And The Bible said… I can’t have anymore sex, till marriage” – which may explain why they wed so quickly.

In May Bianca confirmed she was married when asked for her number by a TikTok user, who posted the interaction online. A month later she was seen holding hands with Kanye’s 10-year-old daughter North at his birthday party.

Insiders told the US Sun tough cookie Bianca can handle Kanye in a way that ex Kim, the mother of his four children, couldn’t.

Awarded special power of attorney to handle some of Kanye’s financial affairs, a recent filing in a LA court reveals she has already offloaded Ye’s property in Hidden Hills, opposite ex Kim, which was sold back in June.

Kanye bought the single-story house directly across from Kim for £3.5million in 2021, and planned to tear it down to rebuild, but Bianca has transferred the deeds to an investment company in Calabasas, according to documents.

“It’s no secret Ye is not the easiest person to be with, he’s a huge personality, and even though Kim spent years with him he just became too much for her,” the insider said.

“Bianca is incredibly patient, loving and caring, and is all about Ye all the time, she’s 100 per cent in and has his back, everyone has commented on how happy he is.

“Kim was having to juggle life as a mother and wife while running her multiple businesses and dealing with Ye’s outbursts, but Bianca can handle him in a way Kim couldn’t in the end.”

Kim K mark two

While their looks may be strikingly similar, it seems Kanye’s ex Kim is no fan of his new love.

“Kim hates her,” an insider told Page Six. “She’s pretty. And Kim hates pretty girls.”

But the two women have a lot in common.

Australia-born Bianca was raised in a rich family along with her two glamorous sisters, Alyssia and Angelina. Kim shared her LA mansion with sister Khloe and Kourtney, along with brother Rob.

Bianca, in leopard print, poses with her mum and sisters

Bianca, in leopard print, poses with her mum and sistersCredit: Instagram/alyssia.censori

Kim often poses with her sisters and mum

Kim often poses with her sisters and mumCredit: Getty
In Instagram snaps, which echo those of the Kardashians and ‘Momager’ Kris Jenner,  Bianca poses with her siblings in figure-hugging dresses, alongside proud mum Alexandra.

While the Kardashian Jenner clan – which later included Kylie and Kendall Jenner – grew up in Beverly Hills, the Censori family lived in a £2.2million mansion in Ivanhoe, one of Melbourne’s most affluent neighbourhoods.

Angelina recently told the Herald Sun that Bianca’s marriage is “very exciting news for both my sister and the family”, but asked if they could have “some privacy for the time being”.

In June Alexandra was spotted driving a Mercedes Benz on a Melbourne shopping trip, carrying a £4,175 black Prada bag.

Like Kim, who has become a billionaire through business ventures including Skims, Bianca is also an entrepreneur and started her jewellery brand, Nylons, in a gap year after high school in 2014.

Gangster links

Unlike the Kardashian sisters, whose dad was celebrity lawyer Robert Kardashian, the Censori family appear to be linked to the Australian criminal world with reports suggesting her father is a notorious gangster “jailed for heroin dealing”.

Elia “Leo” Censori was allegedly sentenced to five years following a 1982 conviction for possession of a prohibited import and also has convictions for possession of a pistol and fully jacketed ammunition.

Eldest brother Edmondo – dubbed “Eddie Capone” – has convictions in Victoria for violence, “including assaulting police, theft and threats”, according to a Daily Mail Australia report.

Another brother Eris Censori is a “notorious gangland killer” dubbed “Melbourne’s Al Capone”, who was sentenced to death for a murder before having  the sentence commuted to life imprisonment.

Image overhaul

The architect grew up in a Melbourne mansion

The architect grew up in a Melbourne mansionCredit: Instagram/biancasensori

Bianca was a Kim lookalike before her style radically changed

Bianca was a Kim lookalike before her style radically changedCredit: Instagram
Bianca’s style has changed dramatically since becoming involved with Kanye.

Both Kim and his ex Julia Fox have spoken out about his domination of their wardrobe choices in the past, with Kim saying she struggled to dress herself and would have ‘panic attacks’ over what to wear after they split.

Carly Dober, director of the Australian Association of Psychologists, recalled controversial scenes in Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when Kanye “restyled” then-girlfriend Kim.

She told Mail Online: “There are multiple scenes with him throwing out all of the clothes that she said she loved, with her crying saying this was very difficult.”

Actress Julia said Kanye took control of her fashion choices during their brief romance in 2022, and she went from modest jumpsuits to revealing leather looks.

For their first date, Kanye even bought Julia an entire hotel suite’s worth of clothing – a gesture that Julia described as “every girl’s dream come true”.

Kanye restyled Kim in the reality show

Kanye restyled Kim in the reality showCredit: E!

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