From complex diet to strict workouts – how Madonna bounced back from life-threatening illness to perform on tour

From complex diet to strict workouts – how Madonna bounced back from life-threatening illness to perform on tour

THE Queen of Pop emerged last week on stage at ­London’s O2 arena as though in a time machine.

Fans witnessing Madonna kick off her 78-date Celebration Tour were stunned at the intensity of the 65-year-old’s performance, especially after recovering from a life-threatening illness.

Madonna is back on stage on a 78-date tour just weeks after being rushed to hospital

Madonna is back on stage on a 78-date tour just weeks after being rushed to hospitalCredit: Getty
Madonna took to the stage only 12 weeks after being hit by a bacterial infection that was so severe, she spent days fighting for her life.

She admitted on stage: “I didn’t think I would make it. And neither did my doctors.”

So how has Madonna managed to put that ordeal behind her and look so amazing?

Here a team of experts look at the regime the evergreen songstress follows to stay at the top.

The diet

MADGE sticks to a macro-biotic diet where sugar, caffeine, alcohol and processed items are out – while lots of fruit, veg and protein are in.

Functional nutritionist Pauline Cox says: “Madonna has a very carefully planned diet that allows her to carry on performing at a high level.

“She eats complex carbohydrates – brown rice, beans and oats – for slow energy release, but omits bread and pasta so she doesn’t get an energy dip.

“Without these blood sugar- spiking foods in her diet, she will be a very effective fat burner and have low stored body fat.

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“She also seems to prioritise protein, which retains her lean muscle mass, and eats fish, which contains omega-3 fatty acids.

“They have an anti- inflammatory impact, contribute to proper brain function, and support the immune system.

“And she drinks yerba-maté tea – which is really good for the metabolism and rehydrates – with coconut water that is great for getting electrolytes and replacing any nutrients that might be lost through exercising or performing.”

The workout

Madonna has a strict exercise regime she follows to stay in peak condition

Madonna has a strict exercise regime she follows to stay in peak conditionCredit: Rex
TO maintain her physique, Madonna works out for two hours a day, six days a week.

She combines yoga and Pilates with sessions including karate, swimming, weightlifting, running and cycling.

Celebrity personal trainer Sam Shaw, who trains Strictly Come Dancing host Tess Daly, says: “Madonna once even had a StairMaster in her office to use as she takes phone calls.

“Yoga and Pilates calm her mind, too, and improve circulation for a light and strong body.

“Her regime is built around high volume and consistency. Exercise is a key part of the recovery process.

“Not only will it allow Madonna to build up her physical strength, it will have boost- ed her mental strength and wellbeing.

“To keep going, Mad-onna will need to pay close attention to her heart health – by switching between strength-training and cardio – and to her joints by warming up properly.

“There’s no reason why Madonna cannot carry on performing on stage at the level and intensity she is for years to come.”

The remedies

MEDICAL nutritionist Dr Sarah Brewer reckons Madonna has been doing all the right things to stay at the top of her game.

Dr Brewer says: “She has used cupping therapy to recover from a hip operation which is a great way to help to decrease inflammation in the body and increase blood flow.

“She has also had autohemotherapy where ozone gas is mixed with her blood, ‘spun’ at speed and put back into her body with an IV drip, which helps with healing.

“She has also found balance through alternative Eastern medicines such as ayurveda which focuses on prevention through right-thinking, diet, lifestyle and the use of herbs.

“Madonna is a fan of acupuncture as well. This releases natural, heroin-like chemicals into the body which can act as natural painkillers as well as controlling high blood pressure, aiding digestion and staving off depression.

“Madonna’s regime is clearly working for her.”

The beauty

There is plenty of speculation about which exact procedures Madonna has had on her skin

There is plenty of speculation about which exact procedures Madonna has had on her skinCredit: Getty
THERE has long been speculation about treatments Madonna may have undergone – with some experts claiming she has had a facelift.

Skin expert Rebecca Taylor, from the SKN Nurse clinic says: “She has amazing skin for a woman of her age. When you look at her face there are areas where you can clearly see she’s probably had work done.

“There are now so many amazing ways that you can tighten and lift a face without going under the knife.

“Her face shows signs of lifting and tightening, maybe with an ultrasound procedure such as Sofwave therapy, which can help rejuvenate facial tissue.

“I suspect she’s also had dermal fillers to the mid-face, lips and chin, a brow lift, Botox, laser resurfacing to parts of her face and chemical peels.

“She’s likely to have regular collagen boosters, too, which prevent signs of ageing.

“Not everyone will love or would choose her look, but if anyone can pull it off she can. It gives her the confidence at 65 to perform to the best of her ability, which is a positive thing.”

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