F1 Teams Warned Against Rebellion as Lewis Hamilton’s Choices Could Influence Driver Contracts

Credits: IMAGO / Motorsport Images

F1 expert Kym Illman has warned the teams about a new pressing concern that has emerged recently. He explained how the trend of drivers rebelling to don the team’s kit in the paddock is becoming more of a norm. Now, the veteran photographer believes that these drivers are following Lewis Hamilton’s footsteps and are choosing to freely express themselves the way they like.

While speaking via his official YouTube channel, Illman said, . After stating the same, the Australian photographer also gave some other examples of drivers such as Zhou Guanyu and Valtteri Bottas, who are not afraid to express themselves either.

Since more and more drivers in this way are becoming comfortable expressing themselves, Illman believes, .

Illman believes that if more and more drivers follow Lewis Hamilton’s footsteps, then teams could be in real trouble. He pointed out that since teams have several sponsors, they usually want the drivers to wear their kit, which gives their partner brands visibility.

For example, when Max Verstappen wears the Red Bull kit, fans get to know that the likes of Tag Heuer, Mobil 1, Oracle, and Bybit, among other several brands, sponsor the Milton Keynes-based outfit. Although it is so important for teams that their drivers sport their kits, Hamilton is one individual who seems to get away with it.

Lewis Hamilton has always worn outfits of his choice

Despite currently racing for Mercedes F1, which is arguably one of the biggest teams on the current grid, Lewis Hamilton is rarely seen sporting their kit. In fact, the Briton prefers to wear his designer outfits not only during the media day on Thursday but also for the rest of the race weekends.

Since the 39-year-old does not seem to have any obligations from Mercedes, he once even received a contract from American fashion brand Tommy Hilfiger. That’s not it, as the seven-time champion also ended up launching his own fashion line with them.

This launch happened during the 2018 Singapore Grand Prix weekend. Given Tommy Hilfiger has since partnered with Mercedes too, it all works out fine for the 39-year-old. Since Hamilton is a professional racing driver, he is obligated to attend to his media duties during each race weekend.

However, Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff chose to face the wrath of the media instead in Singapore back then, and tried his best to explain to them why the Briton was absent. The Austrian then provided some further insight in another interview about why he allowed Hamilton to skip his media duties and attend the fashion event in China.

While appearing for one of the Secrets of Success podcast episodes, Wolff said, .

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