Ex-F1 engineer claims Ferrari is ‘rethinking’ Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 signing after Carlos Sainz’ MIGHTY performances

Carlos Sainz is yet to secure a contract for the 2025 season of F1.

Ex-F1 engineer claims Ferrari is ‘rethinking’ Lewis Hamilton’s 2025 signing after Carlos Sainz’ MIGHTY performances 

Lewis Hamilton and Carlos Sainz (Via: Imago)

Toni Cuquerella, a former engineer in F1, believes Ferrari might regret choosing Lewis Hamilton over Carlos Sainz for the 2025 season. The latter still remains the only non-Red Bull driver to claim a Grand Prix win since the 2023 Singapore GP.

Carlos Sainz has outshined his teammate Charles Leclerc, whom the team offered a multi-year contract. While the Spaniard himself wanted to extend his contract with the team, the Maranello-based outfit had other plans. However, according to Cuquerella, the team perhaps made their decision in haste, as they are not prepared for what is to come.

I think that, if you take away the points, because there was a race that Carlos couldn't do, it is making Ferrari rethink whether they did the right thing or not. Whoever made the decision is going to have a bad end of the year.

Toni Cuquerella said: dazn.com

Ferrari’s decision to replace Sainz will be one the most controversial decisions to go down in history, as the Spaniard is not planning on slowing down. Despite going through an appendectomy just two weeks prior to the Australian GP, he was able to secure the win in the challenging 58-lap race.

Fred Vassuer is not worried about Carlos Sainz beating Charles Leclerc

Carlos Sainz has claimed a podium in every race he has participated in this season. The 29-year-old has outperformed his teammate, and in a matter of time, he will most probably get ahead of Charles Leclerc in the 2024 drivers’ championship.
Fred VasseurFred Vasseur (via IMAGO)

However, this situation does not concern Vasseur a lot.

I'm not at all [worried]. Charles was P2 [in Australia] last week. Today he's one tenth off Carlos, he knows perfectly where he needs something. The season is long and I'm not worried at all about the situation.

Fred Vassuer via: Sky sports

Carlos Sainz has become one of the most talked about topics in the paddock this year because of his strong performances. But despite this, Fred Vasseur is aware that there is still a long way to go this year and thus, is not too worried about the driver situation on his team. Leclerc is currently on 59 points whereas Sainz has so far managed to put on board 55.

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