A series of cosmetic procedures helped Madonna rejuvenate at the age of 65

Dr. Barry Weintraub believes that to look younger than her actual age of 65, Madonna has performed at least 12 cosmetic procedures such as facelift, eyebrow lift, filler injections, and nose job.

Despite rumors surrounding her strange face over time, Madonna only admitted that she had plastic surgery but did not specify the form, method or frequency. She also stated: “I am definitely not against cosmetic surgery. However, I am completely against discussing it.”

Plastic surgeons believe that Madonna has relied on many cosmetic methods such as facelift, eyebrow lift, filler injections, botox,... to maintain her youthful appearance at the age of 65.

Plastic surgeons believe that Madonna has relied on many methods such as facelift, eyebrow lift, filler injection, botox… to maintain her youthful appearance at the age of 65.

After viewing pictures of Madonna’s youth and present, Dr. Barry Weintraub, famous in the field of plastic surgery in New York, believes that the “Queen of Pop” has performed at least 12 cosmetic procedures. on the face, it is estimated to cost “multiple six-figure sums”.

Dr. Weintraub noticed one of the most obvious changes in Madonna’s cheekbones. This area is now much fuller than when I was young, possibly the result of repeated injections of filler into the skin. He also pointed out that Madonna has lost her characteristic dimples, which may be due to filler.

On the upper face, Dr. Weintraub confirmed that Madonna had an eyebrow lift because her forehead was unusually high and her eyebrow position was less natural. “It can be seen that her forehead is flatter and higher, which suggests there may have been an incision in front of the hairline to pull up the skin. Madonna’s eyebrows are now higher than where they were in 1986, which is about The distance between the eyelashes and eyebrows is farther apart”, Weintraub said the higher eyebrows are an effect of a skin tightening procedure to remove wrinkles and improve sagging.

A photo of Madonna taken in 1986 was compared by a plastic surgeon to her current appearance.

A photo of Madonna taken in 1986 was compared by a plastic surgeon to her current appearance.

Cosmetic experts also believe that Madonna has intervened in the skin around the eyes: “When you turn 60, there are often fat bags on the lower eyelids and some excess skin on the upper eyelids. However, in the pictures In this photo, you don’t see any. Her lower eyelids are completely smooth, which means the skin has probably been removed. The fat has also been removed.”

He added that the “pop queen” may also have had Botox injections in the areas of her forehead and around her eyes because there are no wrinkles when she makes expressions.

The doctor believes that Madonna has had her nose done at least once because compared to the photo taken in 1986, the tip of the singer’s nose is more pointed. “And if you look closely, the left nostril is also a little higher than the right,” Weintraub said.

Madonna's face has had many strange changes over time.

Madonna’s face has had many strange changes over time.

In addition to injecting fillers into her lips to create a plump, vibrant look, the doctor also believes that Madonna’s jawline also has fillers to shape her face and reduce sagging. Face and neck skin tightening techniques are said to be an indispensable part for Madonna to maintain her current appearance. The doctor also said that the female singer will often have to rely on laser skin resurfacing to stimulate collagen growth.

Fans began to suspect that Madonna had facial surgery in the 1990s when there were rumors that she was trying botox and “plastic surgery” but she never confirmed it. In 2008, Madonna was photographed with bruises on her face and was rumored to be from lower eyelid surgery. In the 2010s, although she affirmed that she did not inject Botox, she revealed that she was a fan of Dr. Frederic Brandt – also known as the “Baron of Botox” of the cosmetic industry.

Madonna's face at the present time.

Madonna’s current face.

Madonna was born in 1958 into a Catholic family in Michigan, USA. After completing high school, she won a scholarship to the School of Dance and Music in Michigan but dropped out to move to New York to find a way to break into the entertainment industry. In New York, Madonna worked as a waitress while also singing and dancing for famous singers. To make ends meet, she also worked as a nude model for art students and men’s magazines.

In the early 1980s, Madonna released her self-titled debut album and achieved certain success. As soon as she released her second album, Like a Virgin (1984), Madonna became a global star and was recognized as a sex symbol. Madonna’s albums steadily increased in sales, breaking records one after another. Madonna once broke Elvis Presley’s record, becoming the artist with the most hit singles in the world. Madonna’s bold, sexy style has also become an inspiration for younger generation singers such as Britney Spears, Katy Perry or Miley Cyrus.

Madonna has had two marriages with actor Sean Penn and director Guy Ritchie. She has six children (two biological, four adopted). Since divorcing Guy Ritchie in 2008, Madonna has often dated guys many years younger than her.

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